25 Mar 2015

Is Your Business Network Ready for IPv6?

We’re Prepared, So You’re Prepared

  • Our networks are fully prepped and ready for the approaching IPv4 address exhaustion. As of February of 2011, the last top level block of free IPv4 was assigned and the transition to IPv6 has advanced to full-scale deployment. Our Technical Support Team and networking experts are ready to help bring your networks up-to-date today.


  • As networking and the sheer number of devices utilizing IPv4 has ballooned exponentially in recent years, it has necessitated the adoption of IPv6, a protocol intended to support this growth via the use of expanded IP addresses. At 128 bits (e.g., 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334) compared to IPv4’s previous 32 bit addresses (e.g.,, IPv6’s addresses provide the capacity for a great deal of advancement in computing. What does that mean to THENOCMAN’s customers and those looking into our wide array of services? Most notably, significantly enhanced networking capabilities and a 24/7/365 Technical Support Team available to provide guidance. should you need assistance implementing these changes.


  • Larger Address Capacity
  • IP Security (IPSec) for All IPv6 Networks
  • Simplified Packet Header for Efficiency
  • Enhanced Support for Mobile Devices
23 Mar 2015

Which Operating System are you?


No matter what Operating System or Platform you have or wish to have running in your home or business, let THENOCMAN, Inc consult and setup the correct technology. THENOCMAN specializes in aligning the correct technologies with your business in budget in mind. Call us at 561-501-1662 or email sales@thenocman.com today. 


12 Mar 2015

End of Quarter Special Pricing


THENOCMAN is offering 15% off all hardware and software sales to celebrate the end of another successful quarter. Take advantage of our special end-of-quarter pricing on some of the following products from top Technology manufacturers and partners across the globe. Offer ends April 4, 2015.


Here are your top opportunities:
  • VEEAM: Hypervisor Management SW
  • DELL: Tablet PCs
  • DELL: Rackmount Servers
  • DELL: Stackable Switches
  • DELL: XEON-Based Workstation
  • DELL: Notebooks
  • DELL: Intel Core-Based Workstations
  • DELL: Computer & Monitor Units
  • DELL: Small Form/ Ultra Slim Systems
  • DELL: Extended Warranties
  • DELL: Warranty Renewals
  • DELL: Tower Systems
  • DELL: Tablets (Slate style tables like the iPad)
  • DELL: Color Laser-Based Multifuncion Printers


For more information on THENOCMAN’s specially priced products, contact our Sales Team at 561-501-1662 or email sales@thenocman.com.


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