14 Oct 2015

Managed Services Event @ Trump Doral!

Looking forward to the event hosted at the Trump Doral today regarding Managed Services.



Discover What Really Works in Managed Services

Event Registration 9:30AM – 10:00AM

Trends in Managed Services 10:00AM – 10:45AM A vendor neutral presentation from CompTIA, a leading voice for the IT industry. Presenter Terry Hedden, recently selected a Top 50 Channel Influencer, will share:

  • What makes the managed services industry run
  • Big trends in mobility, security & cloud
  • Managed services primer: questions your customers are asking

Top 10 Challenges That MSPs Face Today 10:45AM – 11:30AM
AVG Business provides an overview of the top 10 challenges MSP’s face and how to overcome them to take full advantage of the managed services growth opportunity. AVG Business provides an overview of the critical products and services. Learn about:

  • AVG Business Managed Workplace® 9.2 – how to provide security & control of the entire IT infrastructure with unmatched ease
  • CloudCare™ 3.3 – direct, real-time management of all AVG security services from a simple, single screen dashboard
  • Secure single sign-on (SSO) – a seamless way to have secure single source login that gives you the ability to service & deploy apps to all customers in one portal
  • Saving time and building service revenue with the most comprehensive, scalable RMM platform

Break 11:30AM – 11:45AM

Case Study In Managed Services Success 11:45AM – 12:15PM Together we are Better – The Life of an MSP Leveraging Tigerpaw & AVG Business Managed Workplace®

  • Find out how to drive efficiency and lowering costs by leveraging integrated PSA and RMM Tools that provide sales & marketing functionality, mobile capabilities and inventory management.

Lunch 12:15PM – 12:45PM

Secrets to Creating a Sales Lead Machine 12:45PM – 1:30PM Marketopia, a trusted and respected provider of outsourced marketing and training solutions for the IT industry, reveals the most innovative and powerful marketing and sales solutions being used by MSPs and resellers today. Presenter Terry Hedden, recently selected a Top 50 Channel Influencer, will share best practices for:

  • Marketing strategy management & the key to reducing your cost per lead
  • Creating marketing materials that give you a competitive advantage
  • eMarketing activities that drive sales from existing clients & attract new ones
  • The role of traditional marketing activities in your lead generation program

SSO – A New Revenue Opportunity 1:30PM – 2:00PM Learn how adding this solution to your portfolio will reduce service tickets for password resets, better secure your clients, provide you with a sound mobile management solution and a strong, profitable recurring revenue stream.

The Death of Traditional Disaster Recovery 2:00PM – 2:30PM Businesses of all sizes are creating incredible amounts of irreplaceable data and depend on the availability of their systems to keep their business up and running. There are no exceptions. Disaster recovery (DR) is no longer an “optional” service. This is where Disaster Recovery as a Service (or DRaaS) comes in. DRaaS enables MSPs to equip their clients with enterprise-grade disaster recovery, even for those that historically have lacked the budget and in-house resources to maintain recovery operations on their own. In this session, you will learn from Ken Shaw, founder and CEO of Infrascale, about the 5 proven ways you can capitalize on DRaaS to deliver affordable, simple, and secure application failover when disaster strikes. Join us and to learn:

  • Why traditional disaster recovery isn’t cutting it
  • Why the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market is exploding
  • The 5 proven ways to capitalize on the DRaaS revolution

Together we are Better – The Life of an MSP Leveraging Tigerpaw & AVG Managed Workplace 2:30PM – 3:00PM Find out how to drive efficiency and lowering costs by leveraging integrated PSA and RMM Tools that provide sales & marketing functionality, mobile capabilities and inventory management.

Live Product Demos & Cocktail hour with PAC 3:00PM – 4:00PM Includes demo of Premium Remote Control, a powerful technology empowering users to remotely support their clients. This feature is provided in Managed Workplace and CloudCare at no extra cost.


09 Oct 2015

7 Risks of Dropbox to Your Corporate Data


We live in a world where information equals power. With the influx of online file-sharing solutions, distributing information has become easier than ever. As a result, it’s now easier for information to fall into the wrong hands intentionally or unintentionally.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and an increasingly mobile workforce are putting new pressures on IT and changing the requirements for how workers want (and need) to access corporate data.

With over 200 million users, Dropbox has become the predominant leader for mobile file access. Unfortunately, what works for family pictures does not work with corporate files. In most cases, Dropbox quick to install, easy-to-use, consumer services present unacceptable security, legal and business risk in a business environment.

Here are 7 Risks of Dropbox to Your Corporate Data.

Data Theft

Most of the problems with Dropbox emanate from a lack of oversight. Business owners are not privy to when an instance of Dropbox is installed, and are unable to control which employee devices can or cannot sync with a corporate PC. Use of Dropbox can open the door to company data being synced (without approval) across personal devices. These personal devices, which accompany employees on public transit, at coffee shops, and with friends, exponentially increase the chance of data being stolen or shared with the wrong parties.

Data Loss

– Lacking visibility over the movement of files or file versions across end-points, Dropbox can improperly backup (or not backup at all) files that were modified on an employee’s device. If an end-point is compromised or lost, this lack of visibility can result in the inability to restore the most current version of a file or any version for that matter.

Corrupted Data

– In a study by CERN, the European Organization of Nuclear Research, silent data corruption was observed in 1 out of every 1500 files. While many businesses trust their cloud solution providers to make sure that stored data maintains its integrity year after year, most consumer file sync services, including Dropbox, do not implement data integrity assurance systems to ensure that any bit-rot or corrupted data is replaced with a redundant copy of the original.

Law Suits

Dropbox gives carte blanche power to employees over the ability to permanently delete and share files. This can result in the permanent loss of critical business documents as well as the sharing of confidential information that can break privacy agreements in place with clients and third-parties.

Compliance violations

Many compliance policies require that files be held for a specific duration and only be accessed by certain people; in these cases, it is imperative to employ strict control over how long files are kept and who can access them. Since Dropbox has loose (or non-existent) file retention and file access controls, businesses that use Dropbox are risking a compliance violation.

Loss of accountability

Without detailed reports and alerts over system-level activity, Dropbox can result in a loss of accountability over changes to user accounts, organizations, passwords, and other entities. If a malicious admin gains access to the system, hundreds of hours of configuration time can be undone if no alerting system is in place to notify other admins of these changes.

Loss of file access

Dropbox does not track which users and machines touched a file and at which times. This can be a big problems if you’re trying to determine the events leading up to a file’s creation, modification, or deletion.



Dropbox poses many challenges to businesses that care about control and visibility over company data. Allowing employees to utilize Dropbox can lead to massive data leaks and security breaches.

Many companies have formal policies or discourage employees from using their own accounts. But while blacklisting Dropbox may curtail the security risks in the short term, employees will ultimately find ways to get around company firewalls.

The best way for business to handle this is to deploy a company-approved application that will allow IT to control the data, yet grants employees the access and functionality they feel they need to be productive.

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